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Adrienne's Blog

An ongoing series of inspirational entries

The Wave

January 15, 2016

Have you ever notice that science, nature and spiritually are similar?

Imagine standing watching the waves in the ocean, these waves moving and blending with each other and you feel alive and inspired.

So when when one wave meets one or more other waves with the same frequency, these waves come together to create a bigger wave of that frequency.

Now imagine a room with like-hearted women, the conversations flowing, the tones of their voices blending and there is a feeling of momentum and you feel alive and inspired.

So when we as people come holding the same/similar vibration, that vibration gets magnified and emanates further.

Today I will Blossom

February 14, 2016

Today I will blossom

I will stretch my beliefs

and wonder if they are even mine.

Today I will blossom

opening up my heart to me

so I can embrace life, and embrace you

receiving the nourishment of life and my essence will sing.

Today I will blossom

I will open up to the truth of who I am

I will see the world with new eyes

and listen with new ears

Today I will blossom

and grow tall and wide

my roots will deepen

and I will claim me.

Today I will blossom

Today I will grow

Today is mine

and I am ready!

Adrienne MacDonald


Create from the creator that you already are..

October 12 2016

Be the creator- Create from the creator that you already are...

Breathe in your life, know that you receive your life in every moment whether you are awake or sleeping, your body breathes in you, protecting you and loving you. Your breathing patterns begin your life and end your life and in between there is you, a vibrational being an infinite spirit and expansive force of every vibration.

Your life does not begin at the end of your comfort zone it simply begins with you right now in this very present moment.

Allow a breath and here you are, remembering the true one. The one that came to create just because you can. You create through you, revealing your power and its now time to remember this.

There nothing for you to learn only to remember.

Leave that school room today you have graduated put on your cap and gown lol and allow yourself to expand and to experience and to collaborate with life.

Celebrate you and know that in every moment life is here and beyond what we might fully understand with our minds.

I see you and I celebrate you!

Adrienne MacDonald


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What are you creating from...?

Create from you! You are a creator of your life. What would you like to create?

Keep it simple, your life begins with you!!

Its all an inside job

You are love already and I will help you remember that!