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Adrienne MacDonald

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“My experience with Adrienne was full of grace and ease. She guided me back into my body and reminded me how to expand and fully acknowledge my true essence. She touched on my pattern of relying on my intellect as a safety measure, instead of trusting my intuition and integrating all that I am, my true essence. I truly know that she held space to facilitate a remembrance of my highest self beyond what I was willing to recognize in myself.'

~ Damara Knorr

During a short conversation with Adrienne, I received many gems. One in particular, was a simple statement with insight about my parents... This statement carried an incredibly huge message for me. Suddenly, once I heard it, it activated an expanding light in the left side of my chest cavity... And then she guided me through the process of letting it expand throughout my body, and connecting it with cosmic and earth energies... For the rest of that evening, I felt subtle energy shifts in my body and in my energy field. I was also able to feel ready for an action step that I was resisting up to that point, and was surprised by the level of ease with which I created and manifested a highest good desired outcome."

~ Ellie Drake,Author, Speaker, online TV Host 

Adrienne MacDonald is a profoundly gifted healer, coach and energy miracle worker. In her compassionate no BS style she cuts right to the heart of the matter and helps you recognize and shift lifelong patterns and issues in an incredibly short amount of time.

A word of warning though: Only book a session with Adrienne if you are ready to seriously up-level your life :)

~Claudia xxoo

Adrienne MacDonald is a skilled intuitive coach and facilitator. She pinpoints issues and blocks for clearing. Her clearing process is powerful and effective. She reads the energy of the issue with precision. In addition she asked questions that helped me get in touch with myself.

Best of all, Adrienne offered me practical steps to make

changes to correcting areas where I've been blocked and would like improvement. I would strongly recommend Adrienne if you need insight on a problem or concern and would like clearing as well as guidance. You will be amazed by the experience.

~LynnW H&R Block

Adrienne is a masterful coach. She quickly connected with me and could see who I was at essence. She clearly described me, giving me deeper insights into who I am at my core which allowed me to better understand myself. She gently described areas where I need to work on myself and helped me along the day. Thank you, Adrienne.

~Sean H Canada

Adrienne is a highly skilled intuitive & coach. She has helped me recognize and clear many deep and hidden blocks that had me stuck in low self esteem, self doubt & fear. I felt like she was talking to my soul and my soul responded with answers I didn't know I had. It changed my life and healed some very old wounds. I feel confidence in places that we're constantly filled with anxiety.I felt like Adrienne always held out for what was real, best & true in me and didn't buy into my stories about my self.

She is a shining example of trusting your intuition and acting on it. Thank you!

~Priscilla H. Conn. Yoga Instructor/Coach

Adrienne, I want to thank you very much for the powerful session you did for me. You helped me see that I was carrying patterns from my childhood that were to this day limiting my life and my personal expression in the world. The insights you shared with me and the work we did have changed the way I see myself and my place in the world; and I am more empowered and aware thanks to working with you. You truly changed my life in one session - you are absolutely amazing!

~SK Denver, Colorado

“Wow! What a beautiful experience with Adrienne. From the moment we connected, I could feel her ease and essence. Not quite sure what would unfold during the Allow, Access, and Actualize phases… I was a little nervous. In seconds she had me breathing and expanding my vibration in a way that I haven't felt before. I was wide open at this point to hear and learn from my guides. She was right on with what I knew instinctively for myself. I am now communicating with my guides more confidently and joyously as a result. I look forward to joining with Adrienne again soon and learning more on manifesting my desires through this joyous process."

~ Kathy Carlson

“My session with Adrienne was very healing and re-affirming. Though I was not really sure what was to come about, I was open. When she started revealing my specific vibrational code. which I interpreted as my core divine self, I was so moved and experienced great gratitude because it truly re-strengthened what I’ve always believed to be my deepest essence but feel constantly hesitant to own or share with others. Now I have greater confidence with ease while living from that space, and surprised to know that I have guides I didn’t even realize I had! That was fun to find out! In the next few days, I received a profound gift from a friend out of just being with me one afternoon. Then attended a small dinner gathering with strangers who have become allies and friends by helping each other out with our global purpose. Recently I facilitated a call with a very short notice that turned out to be powerful and one that I truly enjoyed…that would have occurred differently had I not accessed what I received from Adrienne. Actions that I’ve been taking and involved with have become more playful due to the acceptance of my deeper knowing of my code and my guides. So I highly recommend her whether you fully understand it yet or not. I didn’t at first and yet I’m glad I got to receive her guidance. Another area where I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Thank you Adrienne!"